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Are witnesses important in a Florida slip and fall case?


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Yes, in a Florida slip and fall case, witnesses are vital to the case. The rules governing slip and fall cases are very different from other personal injury cases in the state of Florida. Say, for example, there’s a transitory substance that’s on the floor, meaning some type of liquid that’s on the floor, in a commercial establishment. You walk through there, slip and fall. You have to be able to show, under Florida law, that that substance was there long enough that the owner of the premises should have known it was there so that they could have either warned customers or picked it up.

Well, without a witness to show that it had been there before you fell, there’s no way to prove how long it has been there. There are some establishments that have video cameras and things like that, but witnesses are very vital to being able to prove a slip and fall. The same goes with a slip and fall that may be something outside, to be able to show what you tripped over and what the condition of those grounds were at the time. If there is a witness, it is very important to obtain that information from them before leaving the scene. Be sure you get their contact information so that your attorney can talk to them and get a statement from them after your accident.

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