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Can I receive Social Security benefits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits?


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Yes, there are people that are entitled to both Social Security disability benefits, or SSDI, and supplemental Social Security Income benefits, or SSI. Not everyone is entitled to both. It depends on your level of income and level of earnings prior to being disabled, which is the five out of the last 10 years prior to your onset of disability. If you’re a high-wage-earner, you will probably not qualify for SSI. If you’re a low-wage-earner, you may very well qualify for both SSDI and SSI. If your monthly primary insurance amount is less than the SSI amount … Right now it’s a little bit over $700 a month. So if your primary insurance amount is, say, $500 a month, then you would qualify for the balance in SSI. This is a very important factor for some people, because if you qualify even for a dollar of SSI, you also qualify for Medicaid in addition to Medicare. You have this ability at some times to get your Medicare premiums waived, and there are other state and local-run programs that you may qualify for if you’re qualified for SSI.

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