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Do I have to be permanently disabled to get Social Security disability benefits?


Video Transcription

In order to get social security disability benefits, the word permanency is not necessarily part of the requirement. What they require is that either have been disabled and unable to work, from a medical and legal standpoint, for the past 12 months, or that you’re expect to be disabled and unable to work, from a medical and legal perspective, in the future for 12 months. It is not required to be permanent. You could be on disability for a few years, and say you needed a back surgery, you have the back surgery done, and you feel better and can go back to work. Then you can do what’s called a trial work period, which is for five months, to see if you can get back to work. If you can’t, you can be back on social security. If you can, then you’re out of the system.

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