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Female attorneys in personal injury practice may be few, but what they lack in number they make up for in competence and compassion. Hiring a female attorney for your personal injury case can prove unexpectedly beneficial.

  1. They Connect Well With Jurors – According to a report presented by Stephanie A. Scharf and Roberta D. Liebenberg titled “First Chairs at Trial More Women Need Seats at the Table”, “Women lawyers have many advantages in the courtroom—they connect well with jurors, particularly with women jurors, who often comprise half or more of the jury pool; are viewed as more credible and trustworthy; and are in many instances over-prepared rather than under-prepared.” Juries are often more comfortable around female attorneys and find them more agreeable.
  2. They Are Overcomers – Statistically speaking, female attorneys in personal injury law only make up 21% of lead counsel in personal injury cases. Female attorneys have many odds against them (children/family responsibilities, male-dominated field, gender pay gap, etc.). Their ability to overcome these odds speaks to the perseverance of these women; the same way they will preserver for you in your personal injury case.
  3. They Have A Command Of The Courtroom – Because female attorneys are so rare, when they appear in court EVERYONE notices, listens, and pays attention. A female attorney, upon entering the courtroom, knows what it will take to make her point in the way she wants to make it. Since she is used to battling cultural biases, such as, motions to “preclude emotional displays” like the instances shown in The Atlantic article “What It Takes to Be a Trial Lawyer If You’re Not a Man” that insinuate she uses emotional displays to persuade a jury, she knows how to present herself and her information in a clear and confident manner.
  4. You Can Feel Comfortable Sharing Intimate Details Of Your Injuries And Case With Them – Female attorneys often appear less intimidating than their male counterparts allowing clients to feel more comfortable when it comes to sharing details of intimate injuries and emotional suffering with. When your attorney has all of the details of your case, they are better able to fight for your correct amount of compensation. This can be especially important to women who can have injuries unique to a woman’s body, such as, pregnancy related injuries, sexual related injuries, cosmetology injuries, abuse injuries (by a man), etc.
  5. They Have Good Social And Communication Skills – A woman’s brain has more connections between hemispheres than a man’s brain as shown in an article titled “How Men’s Brains Are Wired Differently Than Women’s” discussing research performed by Ragini Verma et al, University of Pennsylvania. These connections can allow for some of the behavioral differences between the sexes, such as, verbal memory and social cognition. Female attorneys can use these skills to understand client’s needs and wants and can clearly explain even the smallest nuances in client’s case.
  6. They Are Detail Oriented By Nature – Women have larger prefrontal cortexes than men. The prefrontal cortex is the area of the brain responsible for executive function or judgment and consequence processing. A larger prefrontal cortex allows for greater processing of details surrounding a situation in order to determine possible outcomes. This biological predisposition for greater attention to detail can be extremely beneficial to personal injury clients by allowing all aspects of the case to be investigated, which can possibly lead to greater settlements – nothing is being overlooked!
  7. They Are Empathetic – Whether biological, due to larger portion of the brain (insula) that processes emotional awareness or sociological (primary caretakers of children), women are excellent listeners and empathizers. A female attorney will seek to understand what you are thinking and how you are feeling. Along with their good social and communication skills, this skill can not only provide comfort for personal injury clients, but prove helpful in fighting for a client’s compensation for “pain and suffering”.
  8. They Are More Likely To Collaborate With Others – Women are more likely to collaborate with others in solving problems. Women usually bounce idea off of others to arrive at the best possible conclusion/course of action. This can be extremely beneficial for a client because it ensures your case will be approached from all possible angles to receive the best outcome.
  9. They Have Excellent Ability To Multitask – Women have superior ability to multitask. They can switch attention from task to task with little difficulty. This ability is especially beneficial when it comes to prioritizing tasks; when a woman is working on something, but a more pressing issue arises she can seamlessly switch to giving attention to the more pressing matter. This ability can help her be there for you when you need her most.
  10. They Tend To Over-prepare – Whether it be a way to combat the negative cultural bias about women in law or just the way women process, female lawyers tend to over-prepare for a case. Clients never have to worry is a female lawyer has done her homework on their case.

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Franco Law Group is an experienced law firm, established in 1997, comprised of female attorneys who specialize in personal injury and premises liability cases. They understand that each case deserves the highest-quality representation and will give you the individualized attention you deserve. As female attorneys you can feel comfortable talking about the more intimate details of your case; the attorneys at Franco Law can provide a unique level of empathy regarding your case and will fight for you, making sure you are not undermined in any way. Call Franco Law Group now for a free consultation at (813) 873-0180.


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