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How do I find an attorney to represent me before and on my Social Security disability claim?


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Finding an attorney to represent you for your disability claim is a very important decision. The first recommendation I would make to you is to ask friends and family. If they’ve had an occasion to have to hire a social security disability attorney and they’re happy with that attorney, that’s the best recommendation that you can get. Beyond that I would suggest going to the Internet, doing a Google search for disability attorney’s in your area. I would recommend highly that you get somebody who’s in your local area that’s used to practicing in front of those judges. If you look at national firms or even organizations that may not have attorneys that are actually representing people but just people that are called representatives you may get somebody out of Texas to represent you for your Florida claim. You may never meet that person before you actually go to a hearing, so find a local attorney in your office that you can go to their office, sit down with them, look at them eye-to-eye, and make sure you can communicate with them and that you can trust them to represent you and knowing what they’re doing and knowing what you want. It is important to be able to communicate with that attorney as well as their office, so have the sit down meeting, make sure that you see eye-to-eye.

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