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How far back will Social Security pay benefits if I am found disabled?


Video Transcription

If you’re found disabled by the Social Security Administration, as far as how far back they will pay you for your benefits depends on the type of program that you have applied for. If you applied for DIB Benefits or SSDI which is the insured benefits, you’ve worked five out of the last ten years, they can pay you for up to a year prior to when you have applied. Say for example, you applied for benefits in January of 2010, but you became disabled in January of 2008, you would only be eligible for benefits going back to January of 2009, if the judge found that that was in fact your disability date or any date before that. In contrast to that, if you’re applying for SSI or the welfare-based portion of the Social Security Disabilities System, then you are only qualified to be paid or only eligible to be paid from the month in which you applied. If you have been disabled for ten years and you wait to apply for SSI Benefits, you have lost ten years of benefits. You will only get paid from the month that you applied for the benefits.

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