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How long does a Social Security Disability or SSI appeal typically take?


Video Transcription

It depends on the level of appeal for the Social Security denial, whether it’s SSI or DIB. It takes about the same amount of time for both, but it depends on the level your at. If you’re at the initial level, it is about three to six months for the decision to be made. Once you have a denial at that decision, you have to file what’s called a request for reconsideration. That process takes about another three to six months, and unfortunately, nationally, about 89% of the people that do the request for reconsideration are denied.

Then, you have another 60 days to do the request for hearing. That request for hearing, you’re waiting for a judge to set it for hearing and that time differs from state to state as well as even city to city. In the city of Tampa right now, it takes about 18 to 22 months to get a hearing. That has been as little, in the last 20 years, as little as six months to get a hearing. It depends on the backlog, so that time frame does vary.

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