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How long will it take to get a decision after a Social Security disability hearing?


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Waiting on a decision after a social security disability hearing is one of the most stressful times for the claimant. Sometimes the judge will actually give you a verbal decision while you are at the hearing. Other judges won’t do that at all, so you should never read into if you did not get a decision while you were at the hearing that you’ve lost. That’s absolutely not true.

If you do have to wait for the decision, unfortunately that varies greatly from region to region, state to state, as well as even judge to judge within the same city. We’ve gotten some decisions back in as little as a week after the hearing, and we’ve also had to wait six months for decisions in the past, as well.

Unfortunately, we tell people that the average timeframe is three months, but oftentimes it can be less than that, and unfortunately sometimes it can be a little bit longer than that as well.

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