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How quickly should I contact an attorney in a Florida motorcycle accident case?


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If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident case in Florida you should contact an attorney as soon as reasonably possible. While you’re at the accident scene be sure to preserve evidence that cannot otherwise be obtained later on. This includes pictures of the other vehicle, of the other person. Also pictures of your own vehicle. You may be able to get pictures of your own motorcycle after the accident, but you may not be able to get pictures of the other person’s car after the accident. Once the vehicles are moved you also wouldn’t be able to recreate that, so if you can get pictures of where the vehicles are actually at after the accident occurs, that is something that you’ll want to do. As soon as you’ve done that, and you’ve contacted the police and done a report, if you have injuries then you need to receive medical treatment, either through the hospital, or if it’s not an emergent situation, receive medical care through your PCP or clinic of your choice.

During that process, contact an attorney at the soonest available time, so if there’s any other evidence that needs to be attained we can do that for you.

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