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How to Take Car Accident Photos
Document Your Recent Car Accident with Photos

Florida has some of the worst drivers, coming in at number eight this year in states with the worse drivers according research done by SmartAsset. Florida’s high percentage of uninsured drivers (27%), as well as, high elderly population are thought to be contributing factors to these statistics. Needless to say, the likelihood of getting into an accident in Florida is high. Floridians are all too familiar with battling it out with insurance companies to get the compensation they deserve. One way to combat any misconceptions about accident fault or severity is to take photos at the scene of the accident.

Photos can be used as evidence to help reconstruct how an accident happened and accurately document extent of damage to people, vehicles, and other property. Photos can also serve as a reminder to important details of an accident (type of car, police officer’s name, license plate number, etc.) you may otherwise forget. Even amidst the chaos and shock of an accident, make it a priority to snap photos of the scene of the accident.

Once ensuring everyone involved in the accident is in a safe location, seek emergency medical attention if needed, call the police, and follow these tips for taking the best photos to be used as evidence at the scene of an accident…

Tips for Taking the Best Photos at the Scene of an Accident

  1. Any camera will do. Many folks own a smartphone; smartphones work great for instances like, go ahead and use your phone to take the photos. If you do not have a phone with a camera, consider leaving a digital or disposable camera in your glove compartment in case of an accident.
  2. Take a ton of photos of everything in both wide scope and close up, from several angles, and with different flash intensities. This will ensure the details of the accident are accurately depicted. Take as many as possible. You can always delete photos later, but you will not get another chance to take more.
  3. Include a common landmark. When taking photos of the general accident scene from various angles, make sure to include a common landmark in part of each photo to give a frame of reference and distance. This will help with reconstructing the accident.
  4. Make sure photos are date and time stamped. Most cameras automatically date and time stamp photos. Check your camera in advance to make sure this is the case. If you are using a smartphone, there are applications available for download that will date and time stamp your photos for you.
  5. Make sure to photograph the following:
    • Accident Scene – Take wide angle photos of the entire scene, including both cars, traffic lights, road signs, skid marks, and debris.
    • Surrounding Scene – Take photos of nearby businesses and other scenery and weather conditions to give perspective as to where the accident took place and under what conditions. The photos can help remind you of nearby businesses whose security cameras might have caught the accident.
    • Any Property Damage – Document any damage to all vehicles involved, any damaged, buildings, road signs, guard rails, etc.
    • Other Driver’s Information – Take photos of driver and passengers, make and model of vehicle, license plate, VIN (vehicle identification number), registration, driver’s license, and insurance card. This will ensure you have all the necessary info to file a claim.
    • Photograph Everyone at the Accident Scene – Along with jotting down contact information of those at the accident scene, photograph any witnesses, police officers, passengers, and other drivers. This will help identifying any witnesses to speak about the accident.

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