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Most Dangerous Roads for Pedestrians in Tampa

Tampa is known for a lot of things, such as their sports teams, beautiful waterways, and gorgeous water views that many from around the world come to see. However, Tampa is also known for its dangerous roads that see many accidents per year. In fact, the Tampa – St. Petersburg – Clearwater, FL metro area is ranked #9 on the Pedestrian Danger Index in a 2019 study conducted by Smart Growth America. The study also concluded that Florida is the most dangerous state for pedestrians in the U.S.

Three roads in Tampa are particularly dangerous for pedestrians. Did you know that Hillsborough County itself has declared most roads to be unsafe for pedestrians due to a trend of injury and deaths throughout the years? According to the county by a study they conducted, 77% of roadways are unfit for pedestrians. (which is a staggering percentage)

The most dangerous roads were found to have the common trend that they do not have sidewalks for people to walk on as they go through these roads. In comparison to other Tampa Bay metro counties, Hillsborough came in first in 2019 for 59 pedestrian fatalities followed by Pinellas (36), Polk (25), and Pasco (23) according to Fox 13.

Top 3 Most Dangerous Roads in Tampa

Tampa police have set up more patrols to go along the below three roads in an attempt to educate drivers on just how careful they have to be when driving in these areas.

  • Fowler Avenue
  • Busch Boulevard
  • Hillsborough Avenue

Between these three roads in just three years of time, there were 30 deaths. Police attribute these deaths to the fact that the roads were built in the 1960s and 1970s and were not constructed with pedestrian safety in mind. Sadly, the number of pedestrian deaths on these roads continues to rise as the population of Tampa increases. Obviously more work needs to be done in order to improve public safety.


Pedestrian Safety Tips


  • Face traffic when you walk (if possible)
  • Look both ways when crossing and be sure to do it at a crosswalk
  • Walk in a single file line
  • Make sure you are visible to drivers by wearing the appropriate clothing and equipment
  • Move predictably
  • Be attentive and pay attention to the road, not your phone
  • If walking a dog, keep the dog on a short leash

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