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My doctor says I am disabled. Why is Social Security denying my Social Security disability claim?


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It is a popular misconception that when a doctor says someone is disabled, they feel that they should qualify automatically for sole security disability. Unfortunately, a determination of disability for purposes of the Sole Security Disability Act has to do with a legal determination, not just a medical determination, so your doctor’s opinion is very important, however, it is not the end all, be all to determine whether you are disabled from a legal perspective. The sole security administration looks at things, such as your age, your past relevant work experience, as well as your specific limitations, and are you actually working and earning any income right now? There are different things that go into a determination of disability from legal standpoint than just your doctor saying you’re disabled. That is a very important component and it is required to have the medical records to substantiate your disability, but it is not the end of the line.

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