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My Social Security disability claim was denied. What do I do now?


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That all depends on what level you’re on for the denial. If you have just applied and it’s been denied, we consider that the initial level. You have 60 days to appeal that decision, and that appeal is called a request for reconsideration. If you do not timely appeal, you could lose your rights to appeal, and you may have to start the process over. If you’ve already filed the reconsideration and you’re denied, you have that same 60 days to file the appeal on that. That appeal is called a request for hearing. Once the request for hearing is filed, there’s a certain timeframe in Tampa. You’re at about 18 to 20 months to get a hearing. If you go to a hearing and you’re denied there, you can appeal that decision to the Appeals Council. That is also a 60-day timeframe.

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