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Coronavirus Update

COVID 19 Update

We hope that all is well with you and your family and that you are remaining healthy during these trying times. Florida (as well as most of the entire United States) has been essentially locked down by the on-going threat of the COVID-19 virus / pandemic.

Low Speed Vehicle Accidents In Tampa Florida

Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) Laws and Accidents In Florida

Florida is no stranger to car accidents with over 400,000 crashes in 2019. A portion of those accidents involves vehicles which are classified as “low speed vehicles” (LSV). Low speed vehicles are defined as four wheeled vehicles that do not reach above 25 miles per hour, and their total weight does not exceed 3,000 pounds.

Covid 19 Cancelled Events Tampa

Cancelled Events Around Tampa, and How You Can Stay Safe

COVID-19 has reached Tampa at perhaps a greater speed than many could have anticipated. It is paramount to slow the spread and reduce potential overloading of local hospitals. While the danger may be low for a majority of the population, the lack of any vaccine makes COVID-19 significantly more contagious than the common flu.

texting while driving in Florida

Florida Cracking Down on Use of Cell Phones While Driving

There’s no doubt that driving while distracted by your mobile device is a dangerous habit for Florida drivers. The roads in Tampa and Florida are already dangerous enough with drivers who often make poor choices on the road. It’s important to understand the repercussions of not putting your device down while you are driving.

Wrongful Death Car Accident

What is a Wrongful Death Car Accident in Florida?

The sting of the loss seems worse when their death was the result of a wrongful act or negligence, such as, by a person driving under the influence or a car manufacturer defect.

What To Do if You are the Target of Aggressive Driving and/or Road Rage in Florida

What To Do if You are the Target of Aggressive Driving and/or Road Rage in Florida

Per the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety report on “Prevalence of Self-Reported Aggressive Driving Behavior: the United States, 2014,” nearly 2 out of 3 drivers in the U.S believe aggressive driving is a growing problem when compared to the previous 3 years.

St. Patrick’s Day Tampa

7 Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Events Across Tampa

One of Tampa’s most common European ancestry groups includes the Irish, and for good reason! Many famous pirates in the Caribbean hailed from the stock of Irish, African, and English sailors. Even if you can’t claim any Irish ancestry, with Tampa’s history as a pirate...
Super Bowl party in Tampa

How to Avoid a Car Accident Around the Super Bowl in Tampa in 2021

On February 7, 2021 Tampa will host Super Bowl LV. Previously, Tampa has hosted four Super Bowls. The most recent Super Bowl that Tampa hosted was in 2009. It should come as no surprise that car and pedestrian accidents increase over the Super Bowl weekend. One of the primary reasons for additional accidents over Super Bowl weekend is the influx of people on the streets and highways.

New Year's Events in Tampa Florida

The 10 Best 2020 New Year’s Events in Tampa Florida

Happy New Year! Tampa is a great city with a lot of fun New Year’s Eve events to celebrate the arrival of 2020. We picked the 10 best events to attend on December 31, 2019. Read through our top events below and celebrate 2020!Busch Gardens New Year’s Eve...
Road Rage in Tampa Florida

What to do When Involved in a Road Rage Incident in Florida

Road rage or aggressive driving is a real problem in the U.S. and especially in Florida. According to a study performed by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in 2016, nearly 80% of drivers expressed significant anger / aggression while driving in 2015. In 2019 FOX...
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