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Choosing the Right Personal Injury

There are a few things to consider when choosing a personal injury attorney. The first of them would be the attorney’s practice areas. I would personally not recommend going to an attorney who is a general practitioner for a personal injury case, because that attorney would need to know the ins and outs of the business and they would need to know how insurance companies work and what the laws are. It would be quite impossible for any attorney to know all the laws in all the areas of law, which is why it would be important to hire somebody who does this as one of their few practice areas.

The second thing to do would be to have a consultation with the attorney. The client can look them up online, get referred by a friend or family member or find them in the yellow pages or however they wanted to. They should have an in-person consultation and see if they clicked with that attorney, whether their personality was something compatible with the client’s personality and whether they can trust what the attorney was saying.

Quite honestly, I believe the best way to find an attorney would be through word of mouth. When looking for an attorney on the internet or even if someone had recommended them, it would still be very important to research them and see what that attorney was all about, meaning whether they made a good presentation because an attorney would physically need to be able to make a good presentation, they would need to make a good presentation to the other side and they would need to be able to present the case to a jury.

The attorney will have to be able to speak well and they will need to be trustworthy. It might be something to take into consideration if the client walked into an attorney’s office and were not treated appropriately from the time they walked in the door, because maybe the person at the front desk did not make them feel comfortable.

If the person does not really understand everything the attorney is saying when they sit down with them because the attorney was not communicating well with them, then it is likely that the attorney will not be able to communicate well with the jury either. It is important for there to be open communication and trust with that attorney, regardless of where the client got the attorney’s name from.

What Should Someone Avoid Or Be Wary Of When Choosing An Attorney?

The biggest thing that potential clients should run from is an attorney who promises a specific amount of money or a specific amount of time to get that money. There is no way an attorney is able to tell just by somebody walking in the door what kind of money they will be able to get from a case. They will have no idea what all their medical records stated, what their prior conditions are, what the insurance coverage is or what the assets of the other person might be.

Another thing people should stay away from is an attorney who advertises a lot but is not really in the courtroom a lot.

What Makes Your Firm Different Or Particularly Suited In Handling Personal Injury Cases?

Between Susan Rene, the other attorney in the office, and myself, we have over 20 years of experience. We are very family centered and we consider our coworkers and clients as family. People who were my clients from when I first started practicing still come back and every year at Christmas they just stop in or just call or e-mail to say hello.

We do not stop working at 5, and we are not one of those people on TV who advertise “Call us 24/7″. While I will give existing clients my cell phone number if they need it, I do not advertise that.

I think it is important to be able to be there for your clients when they need you, and we always think about our clients. I cannot tell you how many times I have awaken in the middle of the night thinking about something else I wanted to do or another angle on a case, or that I had a text from one of my paralegals or another attorney in the office doing the same thing that night.

It is not that we stop working at 5 and start at 8:30, because we are pretty much around the clock even when we are on vacation and we think about things that need to be done for our clients or things that we could do better.

We also periodically send out surveys to our clients asking them about their experience with us, is there anything we can change to make it better and we try to make them as comfortable as possible during this process because it is a difficult process to begin with.

What Are Some Misconceptions About Working With A Personal Injury Attorney?

People tend to believe that insurance companies will pay them and do the right thing because they have been paying premiums for so long. This generally does not happen because the adjusters are hired by the insurance company to save them as much money as possible.

The other misconception is that people think it would cost too much to hire an attorney and that they simply do not have the money to do that. The initial consultation for an attorney is generally free, and they actually get paid a percentage of the recovery instead of money out of their client’s pocket.

The attorney will fund the personal injury case, and they will pay costs that were necessary to do the investigation, so it is a lot more helpful for somebody to have an attorney than to try to do it on their own, not only because they would not know how to do it, but also because they would probably not have the funds to do the proper investigation.

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