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Dealing With Insurance Adjusters

We tell the client to get information from the person who is calling, regarding who they are and what company they are with, along with their phone and extension number. The client should then politely advise them that they are represented and they should provide them with our phone number and name.

If it is the client’s insurance company calling, then they would be entitled to a recorded statement, although we would like to be there for the recorded statement, and we would like to be able to discuss it in advance with the client, so we could let them know what the insurance company is looking for.

If the other party’s insurance adjuster called, they would not be entitled to a statement. Most of the time a statement is not helpful, and the insurance adjuster would say they were trying to determine liability or something along those lines, whereas in all reality they would not need a recorded statement to determine that.

In any case, we would ask our client to politely get the information and then call us so we could contact the insurance company directly as well. They should not be contacting the client once we send the letter of representation; they are not allowed to contact the client although sometimes they still do.

Would The Victim Have To Provide The Other Company With Medical Records?

No, the client would never have to provide this; we would provide the medical records once a demand was made. Obviously, they would need to have the evidence and some basis on which to evaluate the case to determine what they felt the value of the case was and they would not be able to do that without medical records. These records would not be provided to them until the end of the treatment or until the doctors determine the person’s recovery has reached a plateau or maximum medical improvement.

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