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FAQs About Motorcycle Accidents

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Motorcycle Involved Accidents?

There are several causes of motorcycle accidents. One of the main causes is the driver of the motor vehicle itself doesn’t see the motorcycle. A motor vehicle may be making a left-hand turn in front of the motorcycle believing that they can beat them through an intersection. Single motorcycle accidents usually are caused by speeding or alcohol. However, the ones that are caused by a motor vehicle itself are usually due to the fact that they didn’t see the motorcycle.

What Type Of Road Hazards Might Lead To Motorcycle Accidents?

Weather conditions, poor pavement conditions, unforeseen debris on the road, day and or night glares. Animals and people are a big distraction as well.

Use of Road Hazards, Who Is Actually At Fault?

Generally, it would be operator error unless there is no way to avoid the object and someone else was negligent in putting the object in the road. If there are road hazards, then the motorcyclist may be able to stop or avoid it but another vehicle is not and hits the motorcycle.

What Makes These Types Of Wrecks Different Than An Accident Involving Automobiles Only?

Unfortunately, injuries that involve a motorcyclist are generally more serious because you have nothing keeping you inside of the vehicle. You are open to the elements and most of the time, if there is an accident, the driver or rider of a motorcycle will end up flying through the air. Therefore, their injuries are usually more substantial.

Are Head Injuries and Spine or Neck Injuries More Common In Motorcycle Accidents?

Unfortunately yes. In motorcycle accidents, traumatic brain injuries are probably the most common one. Not a lot of riders want the confines of a helmet.

Does Florida Law Require Motorcyclists To Wear A Helmet?

No, it’s not the law in the state of Florida. If you are 16 or older on a moped or 21 on a motorcycle and you have medical benefit insurance of $10,000 or more, you are not required to wear a helmet. They do actually require eye protection for any age.

How Is A Motorcycle Accident Affected By Wearing Or Not Wearing A Helmet?

If you’re not wearing a helmet, and you have a head injury, your recovery in that case may be reduced or even eliminated. However, if you are not wearing a helmet and you break your leg, the helmet probably would not have prevented the broken leg. But compensation may be reduced by not wearing a helmet. It really depends on if wearing that helmet would have prevented that injury from occurring.

What about The Laws For Eye Protection? What Happens If You Don’t Have That On?

It would be the same as the helmet. If you had an injury to your eye and you weren’t wearing eye protection, you may not be able to recover from that injury.

What Is PIP (Personal Injury Protection) For Motorcyclists in Florida?

A lot of people are not aware of the $10,000 medical benefits that you’re supposed to have if you are not going to wear a helmet.

In Florida, they have PIP (Personal Injury Protection) but motorcyclists are not afforded PIP. That is $10,000 of coverage generally, usually with a deductible. It pays 80 percent of your medical bills up to $10,000.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident not a motorcycle accident and you have $12,000 worth of bills, your PIP would pay $10,000 and you would pay the difference. If you have a deductible, then you would have that $500 deductible or whatever your deductible is on top of it. In addition to PIP, you can also purchase MedPay which could pay that $2,000 difference. With a motorcycle, there is no PIP. You cannot purchase PIP as a motorcycle driver, but you can purchase Medical Benefits Insurance up to $10,000.

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