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Florida Premises Liability Attorney

caution wet floor sign on floorPremises Liability is the liability for a landowner for certain accidents that occur on his or her property. Some of the most common premises accidents are slip and fall accidents, fire accidents, pool accidents, construction accidents, maintenance accidents, and toxic substance accidents. Snow and ice accidents are also very prevalent, just not in Tampa. In 2014, all premises accident cases that went to trial had a success rate that was a little under 50%.

Under Florida law, the duty to visitors to the property depends on the nature of the visitor’s presence on the property. Franco Law Group possesses the means and the experience to represent you as your premises liability attorney in Tampa, FL if you or someone you know is ever injured on another person’s property. Our highly trained attorneys are determined to provide the most efficient and dedicated service to all of our clients, ensure that their legal rights are protected and secure.  

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