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What Should Someone Do After They Have Been In An Auto Accident?

Should You Notify Your Own Insurance Company Of The Accident? Are You Responsible For Notifying The Other Driver’s Insurance Company?

You should immediately notify your own insurance company when you’re in an accident. As far as notifying the other insurance company, you are not required to notify them of the accident.

If you decide that you just want to go through your own insurance company and you have all the proper coverage and you want to let them contact the other insurance company, you can do that.

Generally, when people visit their attorney, if the other insurance company has not been notified or their own insurance company, the attorney will notify them both immediately and let them know that they represent you and that all communications should go through them.

When you do notify the insurance company, however, it is recommended that you don’t give a recorded statement, not to your insurance company or to the other insurance company. You’re never required to give your recorded statement to the other insurance company unless suit is field and then it would be done in terms of a deposition.

You would be required to give your own insurance company a recorded statement and you shouldn’t refuse that, you should just ask them to schedule it with your attorney and that way, you can have an attorney present while you’re giving the recorded statement and you should always ask for a copy of the recorded statement.

What Happens If The Other Driver’s Insurance Company Contacts You To Record A Statement?

That all depends on whether you have hired or are hiring an attorney. If you are going to try to do it on your own, then you have to have contact with the insurance company in order to get anything done. If you are going to contact an attorney or you have already contacted an attorney, get as much information about the person that’s calling you, without giving them any information.

Find out what their name is, what their telephone number is, what insurance company they are calling on behalf of and why they want to talk to you. Once you’ve gotten that information, you can very politely say, “I would like to be able to give you whatever information you need to help you but I am represented; if you could, please, contact my attorney. This is her name and this is her telephone number and I am sure she’ll give you whatever information that you need”.

Why Is It Important To Follow The Recommended Doctor’s Treatment In A Personal Injury Case?

If you are not going to get treatment or you’re not following the doctor’s advice, then it indicates that you don’t need treatment and therefore your case is really not worth much. If you were not getting treatment, then you’re probably not really injured because when people are injured, that is a priority for them. They want to get better.

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