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Why Is It Important To Get In Touch With An Auto Accident Attorney?

Why Would Someone Need An Attorney? Wouldn’t Insurance Handle Everything?

Most people that are involved in a collision should get an attorney, if there are injuries. The insurance company is there to protect their profits; they’re not there to pay out on the claims. They don’t make money paying on the claims and most people don’t know what they are even entitled to in an auto accident, what benefits they should be compensated for.

Therefore, it is important to have an attorney, at the very least, go for an initial consultation and see what that attorney has to tell you. If it’s something that you think you can do on your own, then go ahead and do it on your own but for the most part, an attorney is really an essential part of a claim.

What Is The Practice Of Franco Law Group?

The primary business of the law firm of Christine Franco, Franco Law Group, is doing auto accidents. We also represent people for social security disability, but we do a large amount of auto accident cases.

What Sets Franco Law Group Apart In Handling Auto Accident Cases?

The office of Christine Franco is a team. We all work together to take care of all of our clients. We handle social security disability as well as personal injury and we have many clients that cross over between the two, meaning they’re in an accident which causes them to be disabled, so Franco Law Group is able to handle both of those areas of law for them.

We also co-counsel with other firms to help with medical malpractice issues that may become involved with that as well as employment issues that might become involved because of the disability. We try to give personal attention to each and every one of their clients. Franco Law Group is not a big office, we are a small office with two attorneys and total staff of 8 people.

We take all of our cases very seriously, we have monthly meetings about the cases that are in litigation as well as the cases that are in the pre-demand stage to make sure that the paralegal staff are working with the attorneys to make sure that the client is getting the treatment that they need, that there are no holdups in the benefits that they are entitled to while they are going through the treatment.

We aggressively pursue the claims and we always do it ethically. We are not afraid to go to court if needed, but that’s not always the best plan for each client either. The costs of the case and the attorney’s fees go up with trial, so we will do it only if it’s needed.

We always try to do what we can to get you the most amount of money in your pocket and get you the best compensation that they can. Additionally, we have a bilingual staff, Spanish and English, so we are able to assist people that don’t have a great command of the English language.

If you need an Auto Accident Attorney After An Auto Accident, call the Franco Law Group for a free initial consultation at [number type=”1″] and get the information and legal answers you’re seeking.

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