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Why Is It Important To Seek Medical Care Immediately?

How Do Gaps In Medical Care Affect A Personal Injury Case?

Sometimes, people will get consistent care at the beginning of a case and then life events happen. For example, the holiday season, and things get in the way. So even though they are hurting, they don’t go to the doctor on a regular basis during that time because they have other things going on in their life.

So, one week of no care turns into two weeks, turns into three weeks, turns into four weeks and so on. When you do that, if you end up having to go to trial and a jury is looking at it, they are going to see, “Okay. Well, for the first two months, they got care 3 times a week but then they waited 6 months to go back to the doctor”.

If you are waiting for 6 months to go back to a doctor, then again, that leads someone to the reasonable belief that you probably weren’t really hurting, but in reality you may be. You may be one of those people that were just toughing that out, taking over the counter medications, laying down on the heating pad, icing it or whatever but you have no proof of any of that if you’re not going to the doctor and you’re not getting the treatment that they’re recommending.

How Long Is Too Long To Wait Before Seeing A Doctor?

Clearly, if you’re not feeling pain at the time of an accident, you shouldn’t go to get treatment because there is no reason to do that. If you start feeling the pain a week after the accident, then you should immediately get to the doctor. As far as Florida law under the PIP or the Personal Injury Protection, if you don’t go within 14 days, then you lose your right to those benefits.

If you had health insurance, you can still receive the care under health insurance but that is money that you will have to pay back out of your settlement at the end of the case because they have that right of subrogation.

If a health insurance carrier has to pay for your medical care instead of you having gone under PIP, then you will have to pay that back out of any settlement. If you go within the 14 days and it’s covered under PIP insurance, then you don’t pay that back at the end of your case out of your settlement.

If you’re not hurting within the first two weeks of your accident, then whatever it is that you’re feeling after that is most likely not related to the accident.

The short answer to that is you should go as soon as you’re feeling the pain.

It is very important to Seek Medical Care After An Auto Accident. For more information, call the Franco Law Group for a free initial consultation.

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