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Pinellas County is known for its musical venues, cultural museums, and pristine beaches. It is also the most densely populated county in the state of Florida. There are 3,347 people per square mile in Pinellas County. The next closest county with a highly concentrated population is Broward with 1,445 people per square mile. It is easy to understand why Pinellas is so densely packed with people – it is a beautiful place to both reside and visit. With 588 miles of coastline, the stunning white-sandy beaches of St. Petersburg and Clearwater draw attraction from all corners of the U.S. Two Pinellas County beaches have been named #1 in the nation (Ft. DeSoto County Park in 2005 and Caladesi Island State Park in 2008).However, with the area being so filled with people, streets can often be congested and filled with bad drivers. In 2015, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles reported that 28,501 traffic crashes occurred in Pinellas County. This was a 7% increase from 2014! Of those accidents, 4,416 people were injured. Becoming injured as a result of any type of motor vehicle crash can weigh on you not just physical, but mentally as well. If you or someone you know ends up in a situation like this, call Christine Franco, a personal injury attorney in Pinellas County, (Clearwater, Florida) to have your case managed in the most stress-free and effective manner.

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Franco Law Group has been focused on and dedicated to personal injury, Social Security, and workers compensation law since 1997. Our staff works hard to protect your interests and provide you with quality legal services make all the difference in your life. Our dedication to quality and people skills make up the foundation of our successful relationships with clients. Our clients benefit from the traditional advantages of a small law office: personal service, responsiveness, and individualized attention from an experienced staff. If you have any questions or concerns, our experienced personal injury attorney would be happy to help. You may fill out our online form or use one of our other means of contact. We look forward to serving you in the near future.

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