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How to request sidewalks in Tampa Florida

Taking part in local government to improve your neighborhood can be a highly rewarding and surprisingly easy task to take on. If you’d like to request a new sidewalk, report a sidewalk in need of repairs, or request a new stop sign, then we hope this serves as a helpful guide to the proper resources for you.

The City of Tampa

Starting with sidewalks, repairs may take between five to nine months to complete due to a backlog. Petition-supported requests (10 or more signatures) take priority over individual requests, and are most effective when each signature on the petition is from a resident who would be affected by the installation of a new sidewalk. Tampa’s official petition template can be found and printed out from the Informational Brochure & Petition Form listed below.

The size of the project and the city’s remaining budget for their fiscal year are two major things that are taken into account, so a new sidewalk request may take a while before they’re fulfilled. Prior to the start of Tampa Bay’s fiscal year in October, information about new construction projects is made available. If you’d like to check the progress of a project, simply call 813-274-3101.

Stop sign requests in Tampa can be submitted via the Traffic Signs request form linked below. The city also encourages concerned citizens to reach out to their community organizations. Following a stop sign request, the city may perform traffic and accident studies for that specific intersection before implementation. It may be best to contact the city’s Transportation office directly and inquire about the process if you have any concerns.

St. Petersburg and Pinellas County

In St. Petersburg, most requests of any nature can be submitted online through the mayor’s Action Center, alongside any photos the reporter would like to include. Interestingly, other citizens may support public requests by clicking a button on the report page labeled “Vote to Fix”. The number of votes on a given request may help notify the city of issues that are highly important to its citizens. The Action Center covers most of Pinellas County, and is usually quick to respond to all requests via on-site messaging.

When the Worst Accident Occurs

A lack of stop signs or sidewalks can turn dangerous if left unchecked. Although we at Franco Law Group recognize that prevention is best, if you or a loved one has been injured while walking along a road without a sidewalk, or at an intersection without a much-needed stop sign, we are here to help. We specialize in both car accidents and pedestrian-related accidents, and are dedicated to assisting Floridians through their personal injury cases. Call us at (813) 873-0180 for a free consultation.

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City of Tampa | Phone: (813) 274-3101
City of St. Petersburg | Phone: (727) 893-7111
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