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red light accident tampa floridaTraffic signals and signs, especially red lights and stop signs are designed to keep drivers and passengers safe. However, not everyone obeys these vital safety signs and signals. According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), in 2017 approximately 23% of all non-criminal moving traffic violation citations in the state of Florida were as a result of a driver running a stop sign or red light. In 2016, FLHSMV’s Crash Facts Report reported 16,212 crashes were a result of running a red light / stop sign.

Causes of Red Light / Stop Sign Crashes

  • Speed Up During a Yellow Light – When a driver speeds up through a yellow light to avoid having to wait for the next light cycle before proceeding and ends up in the intersection when the light is red.
  • Driver’s Lack of Adequate Attention
    • Driver is not paying attention to traffic light changing to yellow and slams on brakes too late and ends up stopping in the intersection.
    • Driver doesn’t notice the traffic light turn red or the stop sign at all and proceeds through the intersection into oncoming traffic.
    • Driver in middle lane who isn’t paying attention to the traffic light notices the left lane next to them proceeding and assumes it is time to proceed without check their light and enters the intersection into oncoming traffic.
  • Poor Weather Conditions – Poor weather conditions (heavy rain/snow, fog, blinding sun, etc.) can blur ability to see traffic lights and stop signs correctly causing a driver to enter an intersection when it is not proper to do so.
    If you are a victim of a crash in which the other party failed to adequately stop at a stop light/stop sign, please follow the tips below for what to do immediately following the crash…

What You Should Do If Involved in a Red Light / Stop Sign Crash

  • Safety First – Make sure everyone is okay and move yourself and your vehicle to a safe location out of the way of traffic.
  • Call the Police – Call the police and get a police report. Police officers will often examine vehicle and other property damage, as well as, the scene of the accident to help determine fault.
  • Obtain Witness Testimonies – Gather contact information from any witness and statement about what they saw.
  • Obtain Accident Footage – Footage from traffic cameras or nearby business security cameras can be used as evidence for the details of the accident that can help with determining the other driver was indeed at fault. See also…”How Do I Obtain Traffic Camera Footage of My Accident in Florida“.
  • Do Not Give A Recorded Statement to the Other Driver’s Insurance Company – Insurance adjusters know how to cleverly ask for statements in a way as to obtain an incriminating statement and absolve their driver from liability. It is best to talk with a lawyer before giving a recorded statement to any insurance company. For more information, see “Do I Have to Give A Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company in a Florida Auto Accident Case“.
  • Take Photos – Photo evidence of the type of damage to the vehicles can be used to determine how the accident took place and which party was at fault. Take many photos of both cars, other property damage, and the accident scene from several angles.
  • Seek Legal Help – It can be difficult to gather all of the evidence you need to prove the other driver was at fault in a red light / stop sign crash. Seek advice from the experienced personal injury attorneys at Franco Law Group. For a free consultation, call (813) 873-0180.
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