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A dashboard camera is mounted on the dashboard or windshield of your car or truck. It is designed to continuously record while you drive around Tampa or beyond. Dash cams in the United States are historically used by taxi drivers, bus drivers, driving instructors, and police officers. These drivers are contractually bound to drive responsibly, and the cameras provide a mechanism for double checking their safety if it is called into question. However, as roads become more hazardous (and costs for the cameras have come down), more and more automobile and truck operators in Florida have been realizing the benefits of these cameras at increasing rates.

As you are probably aware, insurance fraud is a national issue for insurance companies. In Florida, no-fault insurance fraud costs a two-car family an average of $100/year per premium according to InsuranceFruad.org. This $100/year is due to the amount of fraudulent claims paid out each year by insurance companies. As a result, all claims are screened and potential fraud is identified in over 7% of auto claims. Also, hit and run auto accidents account for 25% of all crashes in Florida. If a hit and run occurs with a dashboard camera in the car, this provides an invaluable tool to show not only how the accident occurred but also to provide information on how to find the hit and run driver and vehicle. Given these figures, you may benefit from investing in a dashboard cam, especially given the low cost. As of March 2017, prices range from $20 to $150 – see Amazon for details. The high-end cameras include extra features like High Definition (HD) video and a rear-view camera. According to TechSciResearch.com, global sales for the dashboard camera industry are expected to pass $3 billion by 2021.

Installing a dashboard camera will give you security if anything were to happen while driving; the recording may be admissible in State of Florida courts and will assist in proving your case. If  you prefer to minimize uncertainty and risk, a dashboard cam could minimize or eliminate some of  the potential defenses  to your justified insurance injury and property damage claims. In addition, you can be protected against parking lot accidents, illegal tows, and you can video record break-ins by setting the camera to record over night (or when you are away from the car). A dashboard camera will not lower your insurance premium, but it will help to protect you from irresponsible drivers and fraudsters attempting to cheat the insurance and justice system.

December 2018 Update: The cost of dashboard video cameras continue to fall. Some high end cameras could be found for sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for as low as $100. In addition, Best Buy now will install your Dash Camera for $50. The camera does not need to be purchased at Best Buy. You may need to purchase additional install equipment from Best Buy depending on your vehicle. If you are concerned about documenting a potential car accident with video (or that you may be wrongly accused by another driver in Florida), then dash cameras are a great investment. Please also see our related blog post on how to properly take photos after a vehicle accident.

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