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The Veterans’ Administration says I am disabled. Why is Social Security denying my…


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It is a popular understanding, misconception that if the Veteran’s Administration has determined you’re disabled that the Social Security Administration should automatically determine that you’re disabled. Unfortunately, the system does not work that way. There are different requirements within the Veteran’s Administration for disability than there are for the Social Security Administration. It is not that the Social Security Administration won’t take a look at that decision, and that can play a part in the decision that’s made by Social Security Administration, but an administrative law judge, when you’re at a hearing, or one of the workers at the Social Security Administration, if you don’t have to get to the hearing level, are the ones that make that decision. They are not bound by the Veteran’s Administration, the Worker’s Compensation Court or any civil litigation where it would be determined that you’re disabled. They are their own decision making body and they’ll take all of it into consideration, but they will make their own decision.

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