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What happens at a Social Security disability or SSI disability hearing?


Video Transcription

Once you have reached the point of actually being able to get in front of a judge for a SSI hearing or a DIB hearing, you have to be prepared to answer questions for the judge. The judge will have a variety of questions and may even let your attorney ask questions instead of him asking, and your attorney will prepare you for that, but there will be questions about your impairments. When is the last time you worked? What kind of work you did. What are your limitations in general on a daily basis? What are your activities of daily living? Can you lift and carry things? How long can you sit? How long can you stand? How long can you walk? In addition to that, in the room, you will have a hearing monitor who will be recording everything. You will have a microphone in front of you. That microphone does not amplify your voice, so you do need to make sure you speak up and speak clearly as possible so that the judge hears you and also so that it’s getting put on the record in case you do have to appeal. In addition to that, there may be a vocational expert that will give testimony based on the evidence that is presented at the hearing and the questions that the judge asks them and your attorney asks them. There may also be a medical expert there to give opinions to the judge based on questions that he or she is asking at the time as well. Once you finish with the hearing, the judge may give you a decision. Most likely, they will not. You will have to wait for a written decision when you leave.

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