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What if I cannot afford my medical bills after I was injured by another person?


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If you’re involved in a auto accident in the State of Florida, and you have received injuries from that accident, it is not required for you to go to the hospital at all, let alone in an ambulance from the scene. If your injuries are severe enough to take an ambulance, then by all means, you should do that. If the next day you feel that your injuries are severe enough, that you need to go to the hospital, then yes, you can do that as well. If you are just seeking medical treatment but the injuries are not to the extent that you believe you need emergent treatment from a hospital, you can go to a walk-in clinic or to your own PCP provider. The important part is that you receive the medical treatment within 14 days from the date of the accident. If you do not receive medical treatment within that 14 day period, you may lose rights to your own PIP benefits that could pay for those medical bills, as well as your lost wages. They will also listen to your testimony, and if you have witnesses, listen to the witnesses’ testimony as well. They can take all of that into consideration in order to make your disability decision. It’s based on your impairments, your past relevant work experience, as well as your current limitations, as well as your education and your age.

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