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What is the Social Security hearing like?


Video Transcription

A social security hearing is an informal process, not like what you’d see on TV for a court room. It is generally in what appears to be a large office space. The judge sits at a desk that’s a little bit elevated from the rest of the people in the room, including you as the claimant or me as the attorney. There’s a long table that sits in front of the judge that’s a little bit lowered down. That is where we all sit.

You will sit at the end of the table facing the judge and you’ll have a microphone in front of you. With that microphone your voice is not amplified, so you do have to make sure that you speak up so that the judge can hear you and also so that all of your answers are being recorded in case you do have to appeal the decision.

Also, in the hearing room will clearly be your attorney, as well as a hearing monitor that’s making sure that everything is being recorded. There could be a medical expert in the room if the judge sees fit to have one, as well as vocational expert.

The members of the public are not allowed in and they’re not allowed access to your hearing, so those are generally the only people that will be there unless you bring a witness. That witness maybe allowed to sit through the hearing but more often than not the judges prefer the witness to come in separately so they will not hear the rest of your hearing proceedings.

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