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Pregnant Woman Car Accident in Tampa, Florida - Franco Law Group

Dealing with a car accident involves a whole host of issues and medical expenses. Being involved in a car accident while pregnant can bring a whole other massive set of issues to consider. The baby’s health is obviously the main concern as a mother so it is imperative that you seek medical attention not only for yourself but for your child. Physical trauma can damage your baby in a multitude of ways including: Premature Labor, Placental Separation or internal bleeding. The stress and emotional damage resulting from a car accident is also a huge factor in these cases. Stress from the accident could cause pre-term labor or negatively affect the baby.

If you are involved in an accident in Tampa while pregnant you should seek medical attention immediately. Of course, be sure to notify the hospital/ facility that you are pregnant before any treatment is rendered.  The hospital should monitor your baby and check for any injuries. Trauma is a leading cause of fetal injury and death. Trauma from the accident to your abdomen may harm the baby and is a great concern after an accident. As recently as August 17, 2017 a critically injured pregnant woman lost her unborn baby in a crash according to WFLA News Channel 8. Also according to the CDC, 6,400 adults are injured in car crashes every day; the risk of serious injury and death is reduced by 50% when wearing a seat belt. There is also an estimated 3,500 annual hospital visits in the US for pregnancy-related car accident injuries.

The first thing that you should  do when you get into an accident is document everything. When you’re there at the scene, if you are able, make sure you’re taking pictures not just of your car but of the other car. You can usually get pictures of your own car later on; even if it’s totaled, you can go to the tow yard and take pictures.  You may not have access to the other person’s vehicle again, so it is important to take the pictures while you’re there and also to try to take pictures of the cars where they are at the time of the accident itself before the cars are moved if it is safe to do so.

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