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Watching a serious car accident unfold can be an extremely traumatizing experience.

There is no Florida law that says you must stop after you have witnessed a car accident, but chances are that you would want someone to do it for you. If you are able to stop and offer assistance safely, please do so. Witnessing an auto accident can be stressful so remember these important tips below.

1. Ensure your own safety

It won’t help anyone if you become one of the casualties or victims. Stop your vehicle at least 150 feet from the scene of the collision or accident. Turn your hazard lights on so that oncoming and surrounding vehicles are aware of you and alerted to slow down. Do not walk in the middle of the roadway. Rather, stay safely on the shoulder and be sure to watch for oncoming traffic.

2. Call the authorities

Don’t assume that another spectator or witness has dialed emergency services. Grab your phone and call 911. Be sure to give as many details as possible to the dispatcher. If you feel that you might forget important details before the police arrive, send yourself an email or write them down. If you are in a safe place, it is often helpful to take photos or a short video of the accident scene with your mobile device.

3. Check on the people involved

If you feel safe doing so, check on the victims who were involved in the collision. Do not move anyone unless they will be in more danger if they stay in their current position. Stay with them until medical help arrives and try to keep them as calm as possible.

4. Answer questions

When the police arrive, answer any questions that they may ask you. Remember to provide your identification and contact information. This information will help the authorities get in touch with you should they have any further questions about the incident in the following days.

A FL auto injury attorney can help you if you, a friend, or a loved one ever find yourselves injured in a serious car accident in Florida. Call Franco Law at (813) 873-0180 for a free no-obligation consultation regarding your legal rights. We will work to ensure that sustained pressure is applied to the defendant through our comprehensive processes, and our vigilance in the courtroom (assuming the case goes to trial). Our top priorities are your legal rights.

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