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Where can I go to get help with my Social Security disability claim?


Video Transcription

There are various law firms that represent people for social security disability claims. That would be my first suggestion is that you get a qualified attorney to represent you. However, there are also organizations that employ people that are not attorneys and you will hire them as well to do the same work and pay the same rate, but they will not be license Florida attorney or whatever state that you’re in. It is important in my opinion to get an attorney to do this and not a non-attorney representative. If you’re denied social security disability benefits, the denial itself that comes from the social security administration will also give you other resources for local area not for profit networks that will assist you through the process. They may or may not represent you at the actual hearing, but at low or no cost, they can assist you through the process. Keep in mind that hiring an attorney does not cost you any money up front and doesn’t cost you any more at the end than it would to hire a non-attorney representative.

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